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Qingdao AOTTAL INTERNATIONAL CONSULTATION COMPANY is a electrical industry, environmental protection, energy, new materials and other industries do many things at once, set R & D, manufacturing, trade, information services in one of the diversified, no region of the modern enterprise.

Qingdao AOTTAL INTERNATIONAL CONSULTATION COMPANY is committed to providing energy management, harmonic, reactive power compensation and other power management solutions, focused on the manufacture of high and low voltage soft start, high and low voltage electrical components, inverter, non reactive compensation equipment, complete sets of equipment, instrument and meter, automatic control system and other industry leading products. Over the years, Qingdao Aotu Automation Technology Co., the company strictly implement the quality system, brand reputation, the scale of the enterprise, team management, informationization, content of science and technology has been in the industry - leading level.

In recent years, Qingdao AOTTAL INTERNATIONAL CONSULTATION COMPANY often successful in many major projects in the bidding activities, large-scale, high quality products and perfect service was widely praised by users at home and abroad. Qingdao Aotu Automation Technology Co., Ltd. has been adhering to the "scientific, integrity, cooperation, progress" business philosophy, continuous integration of resources, optimize configuration, in the pursuit of economic efficiency of enterprises at the same time, take the initiative to pursue the social benefits of enterprises and corporate social responsibility. The company also by knowledge, professional, young management team as the core, and actively implement the technology, marketing, management, system four aspects of innovation, to create quality, integrity services "Otto, otto.

"Thousands of flow Parkway, the Yangtze River pentium". Qingdao AOTTAL INTERNATIONAL CONSULTATION COMPANY will be the leading technology strength, reliable product quality, perfect after sale service, with fast information channel, service to our country's electric power, petrochemical, construction, textile, metallurgical and other industries and urban and rural construction, with your common planning blueprint for the future!

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